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/bdog/ - Black Desert Online General

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>What is BDO
Black Desert Online is a Korean MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss. It features non-tab targeted action combat, RNG, guaranteed upgrade mechanics after you spend 4 times the item's worth, more RNG, brand new fun pvp trust me, coomer outfits like slutkinis, shondoms, infinite grinding on a circle or a private circle, RNG and a pseudo sandbox experience that doesn't matter now that marni exists.

>Latest NA/EU Patch Notes

>Latest KR News


>NA/EU Coupon codes

>Interactive world map:

>General utility (Grind tracking, boss timers, imperials, calculators, pearl market info, node setup, etc.)

>Grindspots silver/hr

>/bdog/ Guilds
NA: Jealousy , Sardine

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/keng/ - Kenshi General

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[Naked impaled UC agent] edition
Previous thread: >>485519554

>Current version: 1.0.64
>Latest important announcement (February 6, 2024)
>Kenshi 2 Announcement:
Soon (tm)

>What is Kenshi?
"A free-roaming squad based RPG. Focusing on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story."
"Be a trader, a thief, a rebel, a warlord, an adventurer, a farmer, a slave, or just food for the cannibals. Research new equipment and craft new gear."
>Demo Link

>Tips for beginners
Learn to pick your fights, don't hesitate to run away and don't reload unless you die, any fight you survive makes you stronger. Building an outpost will attract trader caravans and hostile raids. Building one too early might be more than you can handle. Pressing F1 will open the tutorial screen. Mousing over the stats screen and HUD will reveal useful tooltips and additional info. If the enemies feel too difficult - get crossbows for your units. And don't be afraid of the RP autism - engage in it whenever you can. And do unlock the sliders.


>Some mods
>AND a link to the giga muscle-girl mod

>Some moonrune mod archive on the LL Kenshi thread

>LL modding thread
>post with jonijonikenshi mods (like milking mod) after he deleted it all

>LL mod index

>Kenshi Fuck Mod

>The package of optimization mods from Nexus
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/vgt/ - The Real Gran Turismo General

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#54 - Canadian GP Edition

>Big update incoming, to be revealed July 6th at the GT World Series livestream
>Latest Update (1.48)
Honda Civic SiR・II (EG) '93, Honda NSX GT500 '00, Nissan Skyline GTS-R (R31) '87, Volvo 240 SE Estate '93 (the brick), Volvo V40 T5 R-Design '13 (1 extra menu, 4 races)
>Škoda Vision GT added to the game
>GTWS Exhibition Series started on April 17th, ended as of the OP
>Enter the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup to earn the Toyota GR010 with the 2024 WEC livery
>Join the SSCS series (Now includes the Dodge Challenger!).
Reply to anon by the name of Simulated Stock Car Series for more details
>Project A-spec for Gran Turismo 2 Version 1.2 Trailer (Twingo, Chaparral 2D, CLR, 190E E.25-16 Evo II)
>Gran Turismo 4 Spec-II somewhat near release, latest update:

[Gran Turismo 7]
>Up-to-date Used Car and Legend Car line-up
>Car List
>Course List
>Cafe Menus (And rewards)

[Other Links]
>Official Gran Turismo Website:
>/vgt/ League Leaderboards:
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/e7g/ - Epic Seven General

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>Newbro guide


>Yuppieraids guide

>7/18 (Thu) Update

>Increased Rates
Kise & Alabastron 7/18 ~ 7/25

Custom Group Summon 7/11 ~ 8/8

>Mystic Summon
New Moon Luna 7/4 ~ 7/25

>/e7g/ Guilds
Pantsu, Lucklets, Cope, Partyvan, Netori (Make sure to include /e7g/ in your greeting)

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/alg/ - Azur Lane General #6480

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Admiral Nakhimov
"Baker of Heart into Sweets" - Hai Tien skin - 7/11 - 7/24
New PR7 gear: La-9 Fighter (UR), VIT-2 alt, 254mm CA gun, 152mm CL gun, F8F Float Plane, 410mm BB gun
Leipzig and Centaur augments
Foch META(Cruise Mission) & Attilio Regolo skin(Cruise Pass) - 6/1 - 7/31
Wichita META - 6/13 - 9/4
Scylla ASMR
Alsace Memory
Pledge of the Radiant Court rerun - 7/18 - 7/24
Shimakaze Archive
Golden Hind ASMR

Frog Event
SSR Strasbourg, SSR L'Audacieux, SR Dupleix
RQ skins for new botes plus Hammann, Joffre, U-96
Zuikaku STI collab skin
Kasumi META(Cruise Mission) & Roma swimsuit skin(Cruise Pass)
Secrets for Hwah Jah, Friedrich Carl, Royal Fortune
EN 6th Anniversary

Bind your account, or you might lose your account when the game updates.
/alg/ doesn't have its own discord.


Ship Tier List:
Equipment Guide:
Fleet Builder:
PvP Guide:
Fleet Tech Tracker:
PR Research Data:
Augment Guide:
EN Tierlist:
CN Tierlist:井号碧蓝榜合集


>Story summary and Lore

>Guild Spreadsheet:

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/chess/ - Chess General

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Farmireza Fraudruzja edition

>Play online:

>Join our team and weekend's tournaments:

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/bag/ - Blue Archive General #5909

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Previous Thread:>>487090487

>Guides, Resources and useful links:
>4koma, Manga, Side Content, PVs & Shorts

>7/22 (Mon) After Maint - 7/29 (Mon) 10:59 (JST)
Hoshino (Battle) (3* - Limited)
Shiroko (Terror) (3* - Limited)
Mika (3* - Limited - Rerun)
>7/29 (Mon) 11:00 - 8/7 (Wed) 10:59 (JST)
Saori (Swimsuit) (3* - Limited)
Hiyori (Swimsuit) (3* - Limited)
Atsuko (Swimsuit) (1* - Welfare)

Sheside outside - 7/22 (Mon) After Maint - 8/7 (Wed) 10:59 (JST)
100-Free Recruitment Event - 7/29 (Mon) 11:00 - 8/7 (Wed) 10:59 (JST)
Total Assault: Perorodzilla (Field - Insane & Torment w/Blue Dmg) - 7/31 (Wed) 11:00 - 8/7 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
Limit Break Assault: The Fury of Set (Field - w/Special Armor) - 7/23 (Tue) 11:00 - 8/21 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
3x Bounties/Lessons/Scrimmages - 7/22 (Mon) 4:00 - 7/31 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)
2x Account XP - 7/27 (Sat) 4:00 - 7/29 (Mon) 3:59 (JST)
3x Normals - 7/31 (Wed) 4:00 - 8/4 (Sun) 3:59 (JST)
3x Commissions - 7/31 (Wed) 4:00 - 8/7 (Wed) 3:59 (JST)

>7/23 (Tue) After Maint - 7/30 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Ako (Dress) (3* - Limited)
Makoto (3* - Limited)
Iroha (3* - Rerun)
Ibuki (1* - Welfare)

Special Livestream: - 7/28 (Sun) 11:00 (UTC)
Basking in the Brilliance of Their Serenade - 7/23 (Tue) After Maint - 8/6 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
100-Free Recruitment Event - 7/23 (Tue) After Maint - 7/30 (Tue) 1:59 (UTC)
Grand Assault: ShiroKuro (Urban - Torment w/Light Armor) - 7/16 (Tue) 2:00 - 7/22 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Hards - 7/19 (Fri) 19:00 - 7/22 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
3x Bounties/Lessons/Scrimmages - 7/23 (Mon) 19:00 - 7/29 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Account XP - 7/26 (Fri) 19:00 - 7/28 (Sun) 18:59 (UTC)
3x Commissions/Hards - 7/29 (Mon) 19:00 - 8/5 (Mon) 18:59 (UTC)
2x Account XP - 8/2 (Fri) 19:00 - 8/4 (Sun) 18:59 (UTC)
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/hg/ - Halo General

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#1838 - Halo is 4 Everyone edition

Halo Infinite's 12th Battle Pass, "Anvil", has launched

Halo Info:
>Latest Community Update (6/20)
>Latest Infinite Update (6/7)

Halo News:
>Bungie and Creative Assembly veteran developer Dan Gniady hired as lead designer for next Halo game
>Infinite Update addresses Nvidia graphics problems
>Operation "Anvil" teased for Infinite

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/horg/ Horror Game General

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Thread #055 - Local Residents Not So Evil Edition

Welcome to /horg/, the place to discuss anything horror games-related, such as:
- AAA series: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Alan Wake, Alien Isolation, Dying Light, The Evil Within, etc.
- Current indie games and hidden gems: Alisa, Amnesia, Conscript, Darkwood, Faith, Pathologic, Penumbra, Signalis, Soma, Song Of Horror, Tormented Souls, Voices of the Void, World of Horror, Yume Nikki, etc.
- Retro classics: Alone in the Dark, Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, Parasite Eve, Sweet Home, System Shock, etc.
- Free mods: HL1's Afraid of Monsters and Cry Of Fear, Doom's MyHouse.wad and Total Chaos, fan-made games like Blood: Death Wish, Penumbra: Necrologue, Resident Evil REVisited, stand-alone free games like SCP Containment Breach, etc.

>Horror games lists, guides, and resources:

>Quick game recommendations
Crow Country, Cry Of Fear, Hellgate: London

>Previous thread: >>485204247

>Thread Question: What makes a good horror game?
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/feg/ - Fire Emblem General

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>What is /feg/?
/feg/ is the general dedicated to the discussion of games from the Fire Emblem franchise.

>Fire Emblem Series Summary

>Fire Emblem Series Emulation Guide

>Fire Emblem Heroes Event Calendars

>Fire Emblem Heroes Links and Guides

>Latest FEH Trailer

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