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>Game News
Regular Banner: Agnes Tachyon (Alt 3*), Vodka (SSR)

Gochi Week campaign is underway with
>Double training drops
>Increased stadium drops
>GW limited shop
>Free race retries and Increased daily race attempt
Tachyon's Factor Research (Movie edition) will be held late May
LoH currently underway, Kyoto 3200m, right, spring
CM Classic will be held in mid June, Tokyo 2400m, turf, left, spring, cloudy, heavy condition
>UAF Guide

>IP News
New Movie, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Beginning of a New Era set to release May 24th, 2024
'Umamusume Party Dash' will be released August 30 for Switch, PS4, and Steam
Buy the switch version to get a free rainbow crystal

>Thread Circles
ウマオオオオ (15 million/month), PUMA, ウマぴょいのまにまに (No quota)
You must be E3 (20k points) to join a circle. Post ID in the thread and the leaders can invite you.

>All Guides & Resources
Card Score Spreadsheet:
Support Card Evaluation Doc:

>Seiyuu & Concerts

>/uma/ POG (Paper Owners Game)
Season 1: https://pog.netkeiba.com/?pid=tool_group&group_id=90663
Season 2: https://pog.netkeiba.com/?pid=tool_group&group_id=96596

>How to buy jims on Android