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/kdg/ - Kirby's Dream General

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#144: Graffiti Edition
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General for all things Kirby including the games, novels, artwork, and anime series.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Sound Selection and Complete Soundtrack on sale now until May 7:
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is available for NSO + Expansion Pack Members:
Shinya Kumazaki hosts a GDC panel on Kirby: [Open]

Official Kirby Website:
Official Kirby Twitter:
Kirby Novel Translations Masterpost:
Kirby Anime Translation Masterpost:
Kirby Anime Special Booklet:
Kirby Anime Storyboard:
Kirby Wiki:

>/kdg/ Writefag Masterpost
>/kdg/ Pixel World
>Kirby Cave Story mod
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/rlg/ - Roguelike General

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Featured game by thumbnail: Gensouband

Thread Theme: Unabomber Manifesto

>What to Play
>Individual Game Pastas
>Roguelike Archive (Collection of pretty much every free roguelike there is)
>/rlg/'s "official" Cataclysm: DDA fork

>Current Events
rlg coop gooning session in IRC channel

10 May 2024 - Revengate 0.12.6 released -
9 May 2024 - Soulash 2 v0.7.9 Loot Quality released -
7 May 2024 - Path of Achra v1.0 released -
5 May 2024 - Overworld v1.33 released -
5 May 2024 - ROGUE-FP v2.3 released -
1 May 2024 - BOSS v3.0.2 released -
30 April 2024 - Once upon a Dungeon II v0.8.9.4 released -
25 April 2024 - Soulash 2 v0.7.7 Lich's Phylactery released -
22 April 2024 - CastlevaniaRL v0.8.3 released -
20 April 2024 - CvRL2 v0.0.7 released -
20 April 2024 - Zorbus r60.4 released -

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

Roguelike Servers (Angband and variants, including Goonband)
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/gbfrg/ - Granblue Fantasy Relink General

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Main website:


>Relink Steam Ultrawide fix (also TAA toggle, FoV/Camera adjustments and more)

>Relink Steam black screen and cutscene crashes fix

>Patch 1.2.1 details

>Umamusume Umapyoi Legend emotes are coming to Relink (for 1.3.0)

>Send your feedback here

Old thread: >>475989568
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/mdg/ - Master Duel General

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/horg/ - Horror Game General

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Thread #048 - RIP Tango Edition

Welcome to /horg/, the place to discuss anything horror games-related, such as:
- AAA series: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Alan Wake, Alien Isolation, Dying Light, The Evil Within, etc.
- Current indie games and hidden gems: Alisa, Amnesia, Conscript, Darkwood, Faith, Pathologic, Penumbra, Signalis, Soma, Song Of Horror, Tormented Souls, Voices of the Void, World of Horror, Yume Nikki, etc.
- Retro classics: Alone in the Dark, Clock Tower, Dino Crisis, Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, Parasite Eve, Sweet Home, System Shock, etc.
- Free mods: HL1's Afraid of Monsters and Cry Of Fear, Doom's MyHouse.wad and Total Chaos, fan-made games like Blood: Death Wish, Penumbra: Necrologue, Resident Evil REVisited, stand-alone free games like SCP Containment Breach, etc.

>Horror games lists, guides, and resources:

>Question for the thread:
Are you just as easily scared from horror games as you were when you younger? If not younger, are you scared at all? Is there a game you want to play but your fear stops you?

>Quick game recommendations
FAITH: The Unholy Trilogy, Chitin Creek, The Binding of Isaac

>Previous threads:
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/bdog/ - Black Desert Online General

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BDO Tamer edition

>What is BDO
Black Desert Online is a Korean MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss. It features non-tab targeted action combat, RNG, and guaranteed upgrade mechanics, shai, brand new fun pvp trust me, infinite grinding and a pseudo sandbox experience.

>Latest NA/EU Patch Notes

>Latest KR News

>NA/EU Coupon codes

>Interactive world map: (dead soon)

>General utility (Boss timer, Imperial, Dropkicking Nagas, Market Que, Pearl Market, Scroll Profit, Caphras Calc, etc.)

>Track your grinding session

>Grindspots silver/hr (EU prices)

>Useful Links, Guides, Guilds & Info
UPDATED pastebin again:

>/bdog/ Guilds
NA: Jealousy, Sardine



Previous Thread >>477452317 Rip
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/gbpen/ - BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! EN General #897

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Bread Girl Birthday Bread

Previous thread: >>477743684


Current Event: Our Sounds, The End of the Sky
Current Gacha: Duet of Dual Emotions Gacha (5* Moca, Ran, 4* Tomoe) Dreamfes (Hina, Rimi
Current Event Boost: Cool ft. Afterglow

Next Event: I'm Not Afraid of the Dentist!
Next Gacha: Pain Pain Go Away~ Popipa Clinic Gacha (5* Otae, Kasumi, 4* Saaya)
Next Event Boost: Cool ft. Popipa

Database with optimal Team Builder, event cutoff predictions, song chart viewer and simulator, asset explorer and story viewer:
Another database:
EX Mission guide:

Fun Stuff
Favdori sorter:
Favsong sorter:
Tower game recreation:
Gacha simulator:
Dumbdori soundboard and Flappy Ako (hasn't been updated in a long while):
Live Interactions and other translations:
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/kfg/ Kemono Friends General - Golden Edition

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Tips for being a good taichou:
>Its golden week and the friends know it!
>Partaking in the holidays is what a good taichou would do.
>Take a rest from spoiling friends (work) and go spoil some friends (vacation)!
>KF3 is having an event with mythical friends! The sickle weasels, yatagarasu, goshingyu and more!
>Spend golden week with a cute golden fishie, Kinshachi!
>New interior banners, and gym uniforms alts for several friends!
>Kingdom's rate up friends are Serval, Hippo and Giraffe!
>Active Kingdom codes: EastereggKFK WorldKFK

>Kemono Friends Kingdom
>Official Twitter
>Kingdom Mate Codes (embed)
>Spreadsheet of KFK Friend skills

>KF3 PC Version and Mobile Version
>Chokotto Anime
>Official Twitter
>KF3 Friend Codes (embed)
>Guide and Skill Sheets

>Model Viewers
>Moose-Taichou's Repository!vF1lxQIR!ZdFaa5BC9N_t2giO0QSxCg
>Moose cache backup

>Previous Thread: >>475028373

>Tip of the day:
Taichou sometimes gets sleepy during the weekends, plan is to feed several friends sugar and release them in the room all at once, let's see him try to snooze now!
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/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General

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Good Job Guys Edition

>What is Pokémon Masters EX?
A mobile Pokémon game that's real-time instead of turn-based and focuses on collecting trainers instead of Pokémon.

>Sync Grid Simulator, CS stage info, Lodge topics and more
>Tier List Maker
>Eggmon viability guide/tier list

>Legendary Gauntlet Info

>Model ripping/datamining project FAQ
>Upcoming Events

>Pokémon Masters EX soundtrack with tracks up to the current update (Pokéstar Studios, Rika and Poppy). All the tracks are looped, tagged and sorted.

>Previous Thread
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/d4g/ - Diablo 4 General

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Previous: >>478094283

>season info
>all kinds of stuff maybe it helps

We're so back Edition
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