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/gig/ - Genshin Impact General

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>Ignition Teaser: A Name Forged in Flames (EN) (JP)

>Natlan Preview Teaser - Need a Hand? (EN) (JP)

>Event "Summertide Scales and Tales" live until August 28

>Current character banner: Navia, Nilou, Kaveh, Ningguang, Kirara
>Current weapon banner: Verdict (Claymore), Key of Khaj-Nisut (Sword)

>Daily check-in rewards (permanent)

>Redeemable Codes (all regions):

>Useful Links (Wiki, Simulators, Maps, Character Builds, /gig/ friendlist, Third-Party Tools, etc.)

/gig/ OP pastebin (use this if making new thread):
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/aids/ — AI Dynamic Storytelling General

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Picrel Not Related Edition

AI Dynamic Storytellers are games that use text & image-generation AI to create limitless, open-ended, interactive fiction.
Last thread: >>486318361

>Read First:

▶Ways to Write
KoboldAI — Free; local or remote:
NovelAI — Paid; remote SaaS:
TogetherAI/OpenRouter — Paid; remote SaaS, multi-model: ;
>Chat models — e.g. Claude, AetherRoom: ; >>>/vg/aicg

▶Tools & Resources
NAI guide collection:

▶/aids/ Events
Themed prompts:
Themed decks:
>Wholesome and Comfy Friday is underway! Last anchor: >>486639674

>>07/18) Mistral Nemo releases ; DeepSeek-V2-0628 releases ; OpenAI releases GPT-4o Mini
>07/05) AetherRoom’s Closed Alpha Test will be starting on Monday, July 15th
(06/27) Google releases Gemma 2
(06/20) Anthropic releases Claude 3.5 Sonnet
(06/19) Dreamgen Opus Llama 3 70B ; Euryale L3 70B on OpenRouter ; Qwen2 72B Magnum
(06/15) New SpellBound Llama 3 finetune
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/zzz/ - Zenless Zone Zero General

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/pg/ - Persona & Metaphor General

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>Persona 3 Reload Episode Aigis -The Answer- will be released on September 9 2024 -
>Metaphor: ReFantazio will be released on October 11, 2024 -
>P5X released in China -

> (Arena) Expires: 2025/04/30
> (Unknown) Expires: 2024/12/31
> (Unknown) Expires: 2024/12/31

>We have moved everything to GoogleDocs and on the Internet Archive:
(Some stuff has to be added in the future.)
>New and improved Birthday Chart
>Media assets

/pg/ OC:
>Draw Corner archive

Anti Spammer Tech:
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/wuwa/ - Wuthering Waves General

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There is a standalone PC client. Click on the Windows button on the website to download it.


>Wuthering Waves Version 1.1 Trailer | Thaw of Eons

>Resonator Showcase | Changli — SEIZE THE INITIATIVE

>Official Twitter Account

To redeem the codes you need to finish the tutorial first (beat the Crownless), then go to settings.


>/wuwa/ Friends List

>/wuwa/ Thread Template (use this when making new threads)
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/tekgen/ - Tekken General

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/mjg/ - Mahjong General

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/poeg/ - Path of Exile General

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>[Patch 3.25] Settlers of Kalguur
>[Patch 3.25] Major Patch Notes

>PoE 2 [Closed Beta Soon]
>Compiled Links, Tools and Utilities
>/poeg/ Ingame Chat and Ban Honeypot
/global 1488

Bricked Map: >>487051214
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/owg/ - Overwatch General

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Last chance to play as Juno during her limited-time trial (ends today)

>Juno gameplay trailer

>Juno's abilities

>Overwatch x Transformers collab

>Latest patch notes

>Midseason blogpost

>Season 11 trailer

>Competitive rework

>Comics, short stories and music

>Season 11 (Current) - Ultrawatch Theme, Ashe Mythic, Colosseo Rework, Runasapi Map, Community Crafted mode (Balance patch by streamers)
>July 9 - Summer Games Event, Transformers Crossover
>July 19 - Juno limited-time trial
>July 23 - Mythic Reinhardt Weapon skin
>July 30 - Lifeguard skin shop (Kiriko, Roadhog, Lifeweaver, Mercy recolor)
>Aug 20 - Season 12 and Juno launch
>Aug 21-25 - Gamescom, Blizzard will be present
>Future - Clash Mode (Unknown 2024), new tank (Season 14), Map reworks [Havana, Circuit Royale, Numbani, Dorado] (after season 12)

>Overwatch Wiki

>Overwatch dev tracker

>Overwatch Esports
Earn skins:
Esports wiki:

>Kiriko spam filterlist
>Mercy spam filterlist

Previous thread: >>486946787
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/fgoalter/ - Fate/Grand Order NA General

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>[Event] Arctic Summer World! Chaldea's Magical Summer Theme Park
2024-07-18 01:00 - 08-07 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] Arctic Summer World! Ibuki Douji Pickup Summon
2024-07-21 21:00 - 08-07 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] Arctic Summer World! Lady Avalon Pickup Summon
2024-07-18 01:00 - 08-07 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] Arctic Summer World! Ashiya Douman Pickup Summon
2024-07-18 01:00 - 08-07 20:59 PDT


>[Servant Info]
Servant Material Lookup:
Servant Planner:
Coin Calculator:
Rank Up + Interlude Timeline:
Damage Calculator:

>[Mats/Summoning Info]
Rateups in FGO JP:
Future Materials Spreadsheet:
FGO Event Compendium:
Drop Rates:
Future Quartz:
FGO Raw Database:

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