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Love Live! School Idol Festival General - /llsifg/ #3721: Kozue Edition

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Zenkai no /llsifg/!: >>482694892

WaiWai: Mari Birthday week event
LLLL: Summer gacha
Nijigasaki Tokimeki Mirai Chizu announced for Switch

Aqours Club 2024 set releases June 30th
Bloom the smile, Bloom the dream! releases July 17th
Aqours 5th Solo Albums start releasing August 1st
Tsubaki Takizakura Girls' High School Idol Club After Party Album! releases August 21st
Cerise Bouquet 4th Single releases September 4th
Niji Conclusion Arc Part 1 releases in theaters September 6th
Dollchestra 4th Single releases September 11th
Mira-Cra Park! 3rd Single releases October 2nd
Superstar S3 begins airing in October

>SIF2 databases, teambuilder, misc stuff

>LLLL gameplay guides
(in Japanese)
>LLLL card database

>dead game offline/private server guides

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/gfg/ - Girls' Frontline General

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Previous Thread: >>483062247

This is a thread for MICA/Sunborn games. Including Girls' Frontline 1 and 2, Neural Cloud and Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery.

Bind your account to a Sunborn ID instead of logging in from Facebook/Google.

Beginner's FAQ *READ THIS AND CHECK THE RESOURCES PASTEBIN before asking questions*

Emulator guides:
GF1 Resources:
PNC Resources:


[Current] Jun. 4 - Jun. 24 | Key Card Point Event: Flying With Eagles (Falcon - Tailfeather Maiden)
[Current] Jun. 11 - Jun. 24 | Theater Mode Season 11 (HOC: Mk47 RERUN)
[Current] Jun. 11 - Jul. 8 | New Re-Supply Gacha: Childhood Case File
[Upcoming] Jun. 25 | New Neural Upgrade batch (EM-2, EVO3, Falcon, Px4 Storm)

[Current] Jun. 13 - Jul. 11 | New Re-Supply Gacha: Phantom Thieves
[Current] Jun. 13 - Jul. 4 | New Event: Cartesian Theatre
[Current] Jun. 20 - Jul. 4 | Ranking Rerun: Pointcaré Recurrence (City of Nightmare +)
[Upcoming] July | New Event: Zero Charge

[Current] May 28 - Jun. 25 | Targeted Search - [Night Shadow] (Dupin)
[Upcoming] Jun. 25 - | New Collaboration Event: Retrocausal Trie Interference (Neural Cloud x Steins;Gate)
[Upcoming] Jun. 25 - Jul. 30 | External Search - [Dazzling Arclight] (Mayuri Shiina)

Reminder to bully seaniggers, discord trannies, bugmen, /v/ermins, dramaniggers, tourists, retards & degenerates, and to lurk 2 months before posting
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/exeg/ - Vidya Creepypasta General

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Welcome to the Vidya Creepypasta General. Feel free to discuss video game-based creepypastas and their related content. And most importantly, h̷̰̰̋̈́̆a̴̦͘v̸̧̳̦̔͐e̷̞̜̟̕͝ ̶͇͘f̶̨̓͘ú̴̦̰̓͐ñ̴̜̠̦

ROOM #458 - The Princess Edition

>/exeg/arbage Site & Archive

>Video Game Creepypastas & Gaming Urban Legends

>Official 4chan-Approved Creepypasta List

>Creepypasta Games, Web Series/ARGs, SlenderARGs and Fearvlogs

>Old Man Reads Vidya Creepypastas

>/exeg/ Archives

>/exeg/ CyTube
https://cytu dot be/r/exegarbage

>Homemade/found pastas

>Room Template

>Previous Room
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/mtgag/ - Magic the Gathering Arena General

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STONKS Edition

>Previously on Mount Gag:

>Latest News
Daily deal for June 22nd is a draft token. You DID save 9000 gold - right, anon?
MH3 is out - some rejoice, some don't care
Psychic Frog Store is a SCAM
Pro Tour MH3 June 28-30

>Useful Links

>Free Codes
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/aids/ — AI Dynamic Storytelling General

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Reason to Smile Edition

AI Dynamic Storytellers are games that use text & image-generation AI to create limitless, open-ended, interactive fiction.
Last thread: >>482687072

>Read First:

▶Ways to Write
KoboldAI — Free; local or remote:
NovelAI — Paid; remote SaaS:
TogetherAI/OpenRouter — Paid; remote SaaS, multi-model: ;
>Chat models — e.g. Claude, AetherRoom: ; >>>/vg/aicg

▶Tools & Resources
NAI guide collection:
Other/Historical: ;

▶/aids/ Events
Themed prompts:
Themed decks:
>Delinquency/Social Deviance Friday is underway! Last anchor: >>482817743

>(06/20) Anthropic releases Claude 3.5 Sonnet—outperforms Claude 3 Opus at twice the speed and one-fifth the cost
(06/19) Dreamgen Opus Llama 3 70B ; Euryale L3 70B on OpenRouter ; Qwen2 72B Magnum
(06/15) New SpellBound Llama 3 finetune
(06/13) Applications for AetherRoom’s Closed Alpha Test open /
(06/12) Stability AI releases the weights of SD3 Medium
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/fsg/ - FromSoftware General

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Shadow of the Erdtree is out!!!


>The main information documents for Elden Ring (/erg/), Dark Souls (/dsg/), Bloodborne (/bbg/), Demon's Souls, Sekiro, King's Field, and Armored Core (/acg/)

>Soulslike games like Nioh, Lies of P, Code Vein, Lords of the Fallen, etc...

LastSoftware: >>482980783
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/akg/ - Arknights General

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Previous thread: >>483178082

[6/21-7/5][Standard]6* Defender Penance, 6* Specialist Lee (Shop), 5* Vanguard Poncirus, 5* Caster Santalla, 5* Specialist Kazemaru (Shop)
[6/12-6/26][EPOQUE Re-Edition]Kjera
[6/21-7/5]The Rides to Lake Silberneherze - 5* Medic Harold
[6/21-7/5][The Sojourner]6* Guard Degenbrecher, 5* Guard Leto, 5* Specialist Kafka
[6/21-7/5][Icefield Messenger]Penance, Tsukinogi, Qanipalaat
[6/21-7/5][Icefield Messenger Re-Edition]Carnelian, Leonhardt, Kafka

[6/20-7/4][Standard]6* Caster Goldenglow, 6* Specialist Lee (Shop), 5* Caster Aroma, 5* Caster Rockrock, 5* Sniper Greyy The Lightningbearer (Shop)
[6/20-7/4]AK x Sanrio Collab - Log-in event
[6/20-7/4][Crossover]Goldenglow, Lee, U-Official
[6/20-7/4][Achievement Star & Vitafield Re-Edition]Flametail, Kirara, Aosta; Czerny
[6/25-7/9]Hortus de Escapismo Rerun - Insider skin
[6/25-7/9][Arbiter Aequissimus Retro]6* Guard Executor The Ex Foedere, 5* Specialist Spuria, 5* Medic Paprika

>/akg/ website:
>Redeem codes
>AK EN Database:
>More valuable resources:

This thread will be better. IT FUCKING BETTER.
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/funkg/ - Friday Night Funkin General

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This is the Friday Night Funkin' General.
Discuss the game, fan-made creations, & series that have crossed over with Friday Night Funkin':
>Spooky Month
>& More

Week #2578 - Vending Machine Edition
>Pit Stop Update has released
>Funkin Crew's most recent blog post
>Ninjamuffin & PA did an AMA on /funkg/
>Phantom Arcade's stream summaries

>Download/Play The Game:
>Modding Community:

>Modding Help & Resources:

>/funkg/ Mod Wiki:
>/funkg/ Link Compilation:
>OP Template:

>Thread Theme:

Last Week: >>483065610
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/@/ - The iDOLM@STER General

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Previous iM@S Thread: >>483093192
Official website:
Japanese news:
English wiki:
Old archive of materials:
Old FAQ + Resource Links:
Material translations + Music downloads:
Character birthdays:
Next thread OP:
>Event/Gacha Dates + Links (June 22nd): >>483009434

>Archive of >>483032480:
- TD Ritsuko's birthday 2024: >>483111282 >>483120330 >>483120423
- SFP Upcoming Collab Gacha Update "30 MINUTES SISTERS Vol.3" on June 24th: >>483100068
- SC Anime 2nd Season 2koma raw (June 23rd): >>483136909
- SC Anime Mano sex fancomic TS: >>483094153
- GK Hiro sailor sex fancomic TL: >>483139437 >>483143173
- GK Temari/Kotone umbrella fancomic TL: >>483150191 >>483150440 >>483150605
- GK Ume's "The Rolling Riceball" hits 1M: >>483101572 >>483124885
- GK MTL Patch (use at own risk): >>483105258
- GK Leak (June 23rd): >>483126095
- VL Cosmo draws Ryo (June 23rd): >>483102232
- VL Cosmo x Kiato collab stream on June 26th, 8PM JST: >>482886053 >>482913679 >>483129281
- VL Manaka/Cosmo/Letora's Idol Forms: >>483130414 >>483138273 >>483138470 >>483138667 >>483138014
- VL Manaka's "Tomo Sureba, (Chuuryaku) Idol" composed by D.watt: >>483131131 >>483131349
- VL Cosmo's "Kouten Shuuki" composed by STEAKA: >>483131337
- VL Letora's "Gunjou Initiation" composed by OHTORA & NewK: >>483131474
- VL More composers in the future: >>483131695
- VL PRODUCER MEETING 2024 on Sep 28th, 2:30PM/6:30PM JST: >>483132032 >>483132202 >>483138867
- VL Commemorative Beer in July: >>483135060
- VL Website Update and Introduction Videos (June 23rd): >>483135430
- VL Official 4komas by Akane (Puchimasu author): >>483134407
- VL 4koma 1 raw+TL: >>483140252 >>483140386
- VL 4koma 2 raw+TL: >>483139084 >>483141114
- TOURS Second Location Test countdown (June 23rd): >>483129426
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/lolg/ - League of Legends General

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Previous: >>483080058

>Current & Upcoming Content
[New Champion] Aurora, the Witch Between Worlds
[Rain Shepherd] Milio and Fizz
[Anima Squad] Illaoi, Aurora, Yasuo, Xayah, Seraphine (Legendary), Miss Fortune (Mythic Variant), Yuumi (+Prestige) & Leona (+Prestige)
[Primordian] Bel'Veth, Briar, Rek'Sai & Aatrox (Legendary)

>Latest Patch Notes
>Latest PBE Patch Notes

>Builds/Account Stats

>Model Viewer

/lolg/ OP pastebin
Racebait spam filters
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