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/bgg/ - Baldur's Gate General

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Magic Edition

PC trailer:
PS5 trailer:

Patch 6:
Patch 5:



>Q: How often should I long rest?
>A: Many companion and romance interactions occur when long resting. Some early lower priority camp scenes can also be missed if higher priority ones are queued. To advance companion quests or romances, make sure to long rest often.
>Q: Can I recruit Minthara without going down the evil path?
>A: If you knock her out in Act 1, yes. You do miss out on the sex scene, but otherwise the romance remains the same.
>Q: Underdark or Mountain Pass?
>A: Either, or both. It's recommended to clear both on higher difficulties for the experience and loot. Both connect to the same Act 2 map.
>Q: Is The Dark Urge essentially "Tav+"?
>A: Yes. You get additional content, BUT there are points where if you've chosen to resist the Urge and/or don't complete quests the "right" way, you'll have to pass additional checks to avoid losing companions.
>Q: Are there any consequences to consuming tadpoles?
>A: No, for the most part. However if you've consumed any tadpoles, there will later be a DC21 Wisdom check to reject the Astral-Touched Tadpole, which affects your appearance if consumed.
>Q: Should I enable Karmic Dice?
>A: Karmic Dice will avoid streaks of very low or very high rolls, both for you and the enemy. It is recommended to disable it if you're specializing.


OP pasta:

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/esg/ - Eversoul General #73

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[Banner] [06/06-06/26] Humanlike Hazel (New)
[Banner] [06/13-06/19] Fairy Vivienne
[Content] [06/06-06/19] Operation Eden Alliance: Solrey
[Content] [06/13-06/19] Guild Raid: Gaia
[Event] [06/13-06/26] Summer 2023 Event Pt. 1: Wicked Vacation! (Rerun)
[2x] [06/12-06/25] Decoy Operation Rewards

[Banner] [06/27] Fairy Dominique (New)
[Banner] [06/17] Undead Petra
[Banner] [06/20] Demon Ayame
[Content] [06/20] BF Challenge 15
[Content] [06/20] World Boss: Lighthouse Keeper
[Content] [06/20] Tower of Origin: Mica
[Content] [06/20] Cherrie's Love Story
[Content] [06/20] Town Daily Quest Revamp
[Content] [06/27] ESS Adrianne
[Content] [07/04] Japanese VA Pack (up to latest JP patch)
[Content] [07/04] Main Story Chapter 8 Pt. 2
[Event] [06/27] Mini-event: Waving Forest of Monsters!
[Event] [07/04] Wedding 2024 Event: Marriage Warfare
[2x] [06/26] Part-time Job Rewards

>NA Guilds

>"Information Source" Spreadsheet

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/tekgen/ - Tekken General

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/rlg/ - Roguelike General

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Previous thread: >>481788701

Featured game by thumbnail:

Thread Theme:

>What to Play
>Individual Game Pastas
>Roguelike Archive (Collection of pretty much every free roguelike there is)
>/rlg/'s "official" Cataclysm: DDA fork

>Current Events

20 June 2024 - Soulash 2 v0.8.0 Settlement Management released -
18 June 2024 - ROGUE-FP v2.5 released -
16 June 2024 - ByteZ ver. 7.0.3 released -
15 June 2024 - Terra Randoma v1.0.16 Time Stop released on Steam -
6 June 2024 - Soulash 2 v0.7.12 Goblins released -
4 June 2024 - Revengate 0.12.8 released -
1 June 2024 - Terra Randoma v1.0.11 -
Pickaxes and Petrified Arms released on Steam -
1 June 2024 - Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' & Shootin' Early Access 6.0 released -

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

Roguelike Servers (Angband and variants)
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/gig/ - Genshin Impact General

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Previous: >>483178563

>Character Teaser - "Sigewinne: Everyday Correspondence" (EN) (JP)

>Web Event "Heartfelt Doodlings" live until June 26

>Event "Record of Reflective Writing" live until June 24

>Current character banner: Clorinde, Alhaitham, Sethos, Bennett, Thoma
>Current weapon banner: Absolution (Sword), Light of Foliar Incision (Sword)

>Daily check-in rewards (permanent)

>Redeemable Codes (all regions):

>Useful Links (Wiki, Simulators, Maps, Character Builds, /gig/ friendlist, Third-Party Tools, etc.)

/gig/ OP pastebin (use this if making new thread):
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/hbg/ - Homebrew and Hacking General

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Last thread: >>480900598
OP template and News Archive:

3DS: all
Switch: HW exploit (old v1 units): all; SW exploit (new & old units): 4.1.0; Modchip (v2 "Red Box" & Lite & OLED): all
Wii U: all
Vita: all
PS5: 4.03-4.51 (PS4 fpkg) / 7.61 (BD-JB) / 4.51 kernel, 2.50 HV
PS4: 9.00/11.00
PS3: all (CFW only for older models)


>OG Xbox
[Feb 19] ENDGAME exploit released

>Wii U
[13 May] SDUSB released
[10 May] Aroma Beta-20 (coldboot cfw, no ds game required)
[06 May] Tiramisu 0.1.3

[12 Jun] GoldHEN 2.4b17.3
[04 Jun] libhijacker 1.160
[30 Apr] PPPwn released (exploit for 11.00 and earlier)
[26 Feb] etaHEN 1.7b

[11 Jun] Hekate 6.2.0
[11 Jun] Atmosphere 1.7.1

[27 Dec] HENlo released (webexploit for all firmwares)
[15 Apr] 0syscall6 1.3

[13 Jun] Twilight Menu++ 27.5.0
[11 May] Luma3DS 13.1.1
[28 Dec] DSi-modchip
[17 Jul] 3hs 1.4.5 (a freeshop-like app)

>ALL SYSTEMS: the OP Archive has download links/sites for games
>If you have an issue you probably have an outdated/messed up setup, make sure to read the guides before asking questions
>This general is not affiliated with the /hbg/ discord, subreddit or 'shop', they just stole the name and GIF
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/aids/ — AI Dynamic Storytelling General

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Reason to Smile Edition

AI Dynamic Storytellers are games that use text & image-generation AI to create limitless, open-ended, interactive fiction.
Last thread: >>482687072

>Read First:

▶Ways to Write
KoboldAI — Free; local or remote:
NovelAI — Paid; remote SaaS:
TogetherAI/OpenRouter — Paid; remote SaaS, multi-model: ;
>Chat models — e.g. Claude, AetherRoom: ; >>>/vg/aicg

▶Tools & Resources
NAI guide collection:
Other/Historical: ;

▶/aids/ Events
Themed prompts:
Themed decks:
>Delinquency/Social Deviance Friday is underway! Last anchor: >>482817743

>(06/20) Anthropic releases Claude 3.5 Sonnet—outperforms Claude 3 Opus at twice the speed and one-fifth the cost
(06/19) Dreamgen Opus Llama 3 70B ; Euryale L3 70B on OpenRouter ; Qwen2 72B Magnum
(06/15) New SpellBound Llama 3 finetune
(06/13) Applications for AetherRoom’s Closed Alpha Test open /
(06/12) Stability AI releases the weights of SD3 Medium
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Fallout General - /fog

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Whore'd out and going to get some BLACK and GREEN edition

>Fallout 4 Resources:

>Fallout 76 Resources:

>Fallout 1 and 2 Resources:

>Fallout 3 and New Vegas Resources:

>/fog/ Modding Guides

>/fog/ Asset and Mod Repository

>/fog/ MSPaintAdventures

>/fog/ ocdonutsteels

>OP Pasta:

Remember to use base64 to decode any protected downloads in any of the resource documentation.

Pre-War thread:>>483018134
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/tesg/ ~ The Elder Scrolls General

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Racism Edition

>Patch Notes

>Mods, Modding Guides, and FAQs
>Found a problem or have a suggestion? Use the "Contact" button at the top right of the site.

>SKSE AE Update tracker

>/tesg/'s characters
>/tesg/ stories
>/tesg/ social
>/tesg/ mods
>Lore and Lore Accessories

>character sheet workdocs (svg + png)

>/tesg/'s sister threads:
>>>/tg/tgesg/ - /tg/'s Weekend Lore General
>>>/aco/teslg/ - /tesg/ Adult General
>/tesg/'s retarded sister thread:

>mega treasure trove of RUASLEEP and pre-AE USSEP patches, as well as OSex/OSA archives

>minimal starting modlist geared towards returning users
>comprehensive combat mod list and guide for anyone
>gear list for gear people

Elder Thread: >>483051491
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/sgg/ Skullgirls General (& Friends)

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Costume Swap edition
Previous >>480350919
>==Skullgirls 2nd Encore==>
>Latest Update:
>Season 1 Pass
Gameplay Wiki:
Character Overview: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Combos vs Resets: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Beginner Guide: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
History: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Digital Art Compendium:
/sgg/ album:
>Online Weekly Tournaments
>Match Videos
>Discord Communities
Slapfest - Casual online lobbies:
Get Gr8 - Beginner focused:
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