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/fng/ - Fortnite General

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>Chapter 4 - Season 4: Last Resort

>Stat tracker/Leaderboards

>Current Store Rotation

>Interactive Map/Challenges

>Mission Alerts for StW

>Season XP Leveling Pace

>Battle Royale News
Fortnite Battle Royale v26.10 Sep 19 Hotfix: Celebrate BR’s 6th Birthday

>Save the World News
The Fortnite Save the World v26.00 Sep 6 Hotfix Homebase Status Report

>Creative News
Fortnite Ecosystem V26.10 Update

>September 2023’s Crew Pack Includes a Solitary Wanderer of Cosmic Space

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/PMMM/ - Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

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Pillar of Tomorrow added to MS
11/9 17:00 JST –

New Kaiten PV

Magia Day 2023 announced!
24/9 18:00 JST

>Current Event
Mitsuru Inami Wants to Be "Normal"
Special Memoria to celebrate(?) the 10th Volume of “Mami’s Ordinary Daily Life” in SP shop
11/9 17:00 JST – 22/9 14:59 JST

6th Anniversary Magia Stone Sale
22/8 Midnight JST – 22/9 23:59 JST

(Free Rolls Part 2)
Choose your own LIMITED 4* Magical Girl
Choose your own LIMITED 4* Memoria
4/9 17:00 – 22/9 23:59 JST

>Current Gacha (with Step-up)
4* Fire Mitsuru ABCCC
4* I Am Here
4* Dream on the Bench
11/9 17:00 JST – 22/9 14:59 JST

Free Rolls Part 2
Choose your Limited 4* Magical Girl
*All Limited 4* up to 24/4/23

Choose your Limited 4* Memoria
4* Never Ending Fairy Tale
4* Fairy Tale Entrusted with a Prayer
4* Magical Girls are Sorceress
4* Watching Over a Small First Dream of the Year
4* Towards the True Conclusion
4* Could Not Throw It Away
4* Brief Peace of Mind
4* Guided by the Voice of the Shell
4* Wavering Loyalty
4* Serial Connect
4* The World my Big Sister Can See
4* The Route to Chase the Dream
4/9 17:00 JST – 22/9 23:59 JST



>Clock Tower

[Get the Game]

[Play it in English]

>Friend List

>Add Yourself
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/tekgen/ - Tekken General

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Previous thread: >>447396581

= NEWS =
>TWT Schedule
>Tekken 8 Overview Trailer
>Tekken 8 Tekken Spot
>Tekken Talk TGS 2023

>Tekken Glossary
>/tekgen/ Information Compilation and Character Guides
>Character overviews
>Character Guides
>Roster's Top 15 Punishable Moves
>Frame data

>How to Approach 3D Fighting Games
> Learn Tekken 7 in a reasonable and appropriate order
Anon's transcript:
>Korean Backdash Cancel (KBD)
>Button Buffering
>Options at the wall
>Low parrying
>Oki/Tech Trap
>Throw Breaking
>Wavedash/Backdash on pad
>Combo video playlist for each character
>Dealing With Strings
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/agdg/ - Amateur Game Development General

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/crpgg/ - Computer Role Playing Games General

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Ultima Edition

>What is /crpgg/?
This general is dedicated to the discussion of all past, current, and upcoming Computer/Classic Role Playing Games! Such as:
Arcanum, Atom, Baldur's Gate, Betrayal at Krondor, Darklands, Dark Sun: Shattered Lands, Disco Elysium, Divinity: Original Sin, Dragon Age, Fallout, Icewind Dale,
Knights of the Chalice, Might & Magic, Neverwinter Nights, Pathfinder, Pillars of Eternity, Planescape: Torment, Shadowrun, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,
The Age of Decadence, Temple of Elemental Evil, Tyranny, Ultima, UnderRail, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader, Wasteland & Wizardry.


>Computer Role Playing Games Pastebin:

Sep. 15 • Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord – EA Released:
Aug. 03 • Baldur's Gate 3 – Released:
Jul. 08 • Colony Ship – EA Update, New Location Added:
Jun. 08 • Broken Roads – Demo Released:
Jun. 01 • Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – Beta Released:
May 25 • Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Palace of Ice DLC Released:
May 01 • Colony Ship – Demo Released:
May 01 • Nox Archaist – Lord of Storms DLC Released:

Previous Playthrough: >>447024034
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/ssbg/ - Super Smash Bros. General

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Joke Edition

>Setting up Netplay
- Melee/P+
- 64/Smash Remix

>Monthly Tourney

>Quickplay-enabled Latency Mod (2&3f default)


>Melee Resources and Help

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/snap/ - Marvel Snap General

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Issue #161 - Renslayer edition

>Official Site and Discord

>Basics (Tutorial and Collection Progression)

>Collection Tracker


>What is Marvel Snap?
The GOTY CCG from the creators of Hearthstone. A deck is 12 card singleton. Players play 6 simultaneous turns to 3 lanes. Winning 2 lanes wins the match. Matches are played for ladder ranks (cosmic cubes) and players can SNAP once per match to double the stakes (max 8 cubes).
>What is a card series?
Cards unlock in a random order, but specific cards are unlocked within specific collection level (CL) ranges: Series 1 cards (CL 18-214), Series 2 (222-474), and Series 3 (474+). Series 4 (Rare) and 5 (Super Rare) drop through a 'Spotlight Cache' starting at CL500:

>How can I increase my CL faster?
Upgrade every card you get to green rarity (frame break) ASAP. Spend the rest of your credits how you like.
>When should I snap?
>Whose cards reveal first?
The player who is currently winning reveals first. Otherwise at random. The player revealing first has a glowing portrait.
>What should I spend my gold on?
Variants and bundles with tokens. Mission refreshes.
>How do I recognize a bot?
>Can I get season passes and gold cheaper?

>Comic Recs

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/domg/ - Dominions 1-6 and Conquest of Elysium General

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Actual Gameplay Edition

Dominions is a fantasy turn-based war game created by two dudes. One of them is a teacher.
The game combines a simple presentation with an extremely wide array of strategic options, including over 3400 units, 1100 spells and 400 magic items. Turns are resolved simultaneously, with players planning battles rather than directly controlling them. It has simplistic graphics but is easily moddable and extremely deep.
Basically, it's an autist’s wet dream of a war game.

>Our pastebin (extremely outdated)


>Multiplayer guide
>Blitzserver (game hosting service)


>Mod inspector
>Pretender calculator
>Debug mod
>Communion fatigue calculator
>Automatically prevent starts in all provinces with less than X connections

>How do I change the fonts?
Replace guifont.ttf, guifont_fancy.ttf and guifont_texty.ttf in the game's 'data' folder (C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dominions5\data)

>Completed games
Submit them here:

>Fan art

>Sloop’s Comfy Balance Mod

Previous Pretender: >>447163510
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/gbpen/ - BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! EN General #802

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Bread Girl Bread
Previous thread: >>446945830


Current Event: When the Bakery Lights Dim
Current Gacha: Sound the Whistle of a New Journey Gacha (4* Saaya, Rimi)
Current Event Boost: Happy ft. Popipa

Next Event: My Sunset Engraved in Your Pride of the Heavens
Next Gacha: Ferociously! Roaring Scarlet Fang Gacha (4* Ran, Tsugu)
Next Event Boost: Cool ft. Wafterglo

Database with optimal Team Builder, event cutoff predictions, song chart viewer and simulator, asset explorer and story viewer:
Another database:
EX Mission guide:

Fun Stuff
Favdori sorter:
Favsong sorter:
Tower game recreation:
Gacha simulator:
Dumbdori soundboard and Flappy Ako (hasn't been updated in a long while):
Live Interactions and other translations:
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/rlg/ - Roguelike General

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Previous thread: >>446751585

Featured game by thumbnail: DCSS

>What to Play
>Individual Game Pastas
>Roguelike Archive (Collection of pretty much every free roguelike there is)
>/rlg/'s "official" Cataclysm: DDA fork

>Current Events
/rlg/ Jam(Over): Roguelike focused game jam started by an anon here, link:

21 September 2023 - Omega Rebirth v0.4.1 released -
20 September 2023 - Emerald Woods 0.3.5 released -
20 September 2023 - PWMAngband version 1.6.0 build 1 released -
20 September 2023 - Triangle Wizard R 18.02 released -
19 September 2023 - Zorbus r59p8 released -
18 September 2023 - GearHead Caramel v0.956 released -
17 September 2023 - ByteZ ver. 7 Preview released -
17 September 2023 - Boohu 0.14.0 released -
11 September 2023 - ROGUE-FP 1.13 released on Steam -
28 August 2023 - First Paradise (Apsis Online) 6.2a released -

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

Roguelike Servers (Angband and variants, including Frogcomposband) (DCSS and variants)
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